Windy Coulee selected broodmares from all over the country for our breeding program. They are genetically diverse with pedigrees that highlight stallions such as Ferrari, Kamouraska, Hero’s, Wilfrid, Charbon, Lawrence, Loredo, Dawn and more. In addition, many of our mares were chosen because of the performance and reputation of their dams. Windy Coulee mares deliver kind, willing foals, with superb conformation and ability. With careful and selective breeding and lots of work with our youngsteres, we are developing Canadian Horses for maximum success. At Windy Coulee quality is the goal, not quantity.

Kekaluku Charbon Patricia

Kekaluku Charbon Patricia – Fancy, fast and kind; Patricia has contributed new bloodlines and three fantastic colts to Windy Coulee herd!  Proven to be a superb mom, Patricia has delivered one of our best foals yet, athletic, extremely kind, sensitive and sensible Alator, now being the amazing horse he is, in Winsconsen, USA.  Alator, Comet and Ferraro show the qualities we are striving for in our horses.  Thank you Patricia for doing what you do.

Beckett’s Creek Kamouraska Sara

Lovely, tall, kind with incredible movement, Sara is our size large mare delivering super quality foals.  Sarah shows a lovely neck, amazing shoulders and withers and beautiful conformation.  She is also so easy to work with, calm and could never hurt a fly.  Cameo is her first foal, with Zefyr our herd stallion and that combination is showing all the right things . . .  Straight, cooperative, willing athletic, Cameo is staying at the farm to test her skills at Working Equitation and to raise foals in the future.

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Windy Coulee Kilamanjaro Piper 

This 2004 mare, has been Heidi’s main riding horse, she is also closely related to Zefyr. Piper is an official pony and has an equine Canada passport. She has competed in dressage, a one day event, is skilled at extreme trail obstacles, has shown an affinity for barrel racing, jumping and competitive trail rides. She has also completed the Stampede Parade and performed with our Canadian Horse Drill Team at the Mane Event in Red Deer, Alberta. Piper is athletic, has a kind heart, is generous and has no trouble at all summiting our high Rocky Mountain Peaks. We eagerly anticipate foals from this very traditional “type” Canadian mare.

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Windy Coulee Zefyr Cameo
This youngster was bred, born and raised in our valley.  This solid black mare shows amazing prospect for Working Equitation and more.  She has been started by Bruce Christie and will start developing her riding career this winter.  In the end result, she will compete and will contribute foals for the herd, supporting our goal to prove our mares at work as well.  We can not wait to see what this mare will do.

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Windy Coulee Alator Duet
This one of a kind filly, is an incredible prospect for riding and driving.  She is compact, elegant, fun, kind and moves like a dream and very willing to please. Duet has started ground work and is wonderful to handle.  She is one to watch in years to come.

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